Pigment catalog

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Learn about the history, manufacture, and technical details of the following pigments, all of which are some of the most historically important in art. Listed alphabetically. Compare colors in 3D using ColoRotate.

These colors are displayed using ColoRotate, a Photoshop plugin and free web tool to view and edit colors in 3D.

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Azurite Bone black Cadmium yellow/red
Carbon black Carmine Cerulean Blue
Chrome orange Chrome yellow Cobalt blue
Cobalt green Cobalt violet Cobalt yellow
Copper resinate Egyptian blue Emerald green
Green earth Indian yellow Indigo
Lead white Lead-tin yellow Lemon yellow
Lime white Madder Malachite
Naples yellow Orpiment Prussian blue
Realgar Red lead Red ochre
Smalt Titanium white Ultramarine
Umber Van Dyke brown Verdigris
Vermilion Viridian Yellow ochre
Zinc white