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There are several different types of paint that artists can use, each with its own unique ingredients that differ from the ingredients found in the other types of media. Each media therefore has its own unique set of characteristics and techniques.

Oil Paint

Oil paints have long been used by master painters, both historical and contemporary, to create paintings imbued with a stunning lifelike quality as well as a sense of depth.


Pastel paintings are graced with an immediate sense of texture and a richness of color that can equally convey a soft delicacy while maintaining a strong presence.


Acrylic paint is a modern invention that allows artists to create bold paintings with strong colors, while also mimicking the qualities of other media.


Watercolor paints are renowned for their ability to capture the fleeting essence of light as it fluctuates throughout the day, earmarking the passage of time.


Tempera is a fast-drying paint whose colors never changing, making it particularly well-suited to depicting nature, from humans to animals to plants.