Lemon yellow

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About the chemical structure:

Chemical name: barium chromate or strontium chromate or mixture of lead chromate + lead sulphate

BaCrO4 (barium chromate)

Crystal system: rhombic
Refractive index: n/a


Color Index (C.I.) PY 35

How can you identify Lemon yellow?


OM: barium yellow is observed as lozenge-shaped extremely fine particles; less fine are the crystalline particles of strontium yellow.


It's identified by means of FTIR and Raman. Distinguished chemically from strontium yellow because it doesn't turn black in hydrochloric acid.

Raman spectra: University College London;

FTIR spectra: IRUG

Usage and handling:

Permanence: Toxicity:

Lighfast: excellent

Degradation processes: very stable

moderately toxic. Inhalation will cause irritation to the lungs and mucous membrane.

MSDS: Bariumchemicals


Artists’ Pigments A Handbook of Their History and Characteristics, Vol. 1, L. Feller, Ed., Cambridge University Press, London 1986, p. 205-206