Cerulean blue

/ suh • roo • lee • uhn   bloo /

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About the chemical structure:

Chemical name: Cobalt(II)-stannate
Formula: CoO · n SnO2
Refractive index: n/a


Color Index (C.I.) PB 35

How can you identify Cerulean blue?


IRFC: violet

OM: microscopically, its particles are fine, rounded and uniform.


It can be identified by Raman.

Raman spectra: University College London;

Usage and handling:

Permanence: Toxicity:

Lightfast: excellent.

Degradation processes: it was not recommended for use in watercolor painting because of chalkiness in washes. In oil, it kept its color better than any other blue.

moderately toxic. May cause sensitization by skin contact.

MSDS: Winsor & Newton


The Chemistry of Paints and Painting, Sir arthur H. Church, fourth edition, SEELEY, SERVICE & CO. LIMITED 1915, p 235-236