Lemon yellow

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Brief description of Lemon yellow:

The pigment known commonly as "lemon yellow" could consist of barium chromate, strontium chromate, or a
mixture of lead chromate with lead sulphate. The preparation was described by Vauquelin in 1809, but some years seem to have passed before it was produced commercially. During the nineteenth century, it was often mixed with strontium chromate, and the name 'lemon yellow' was liable to be used for barium chromate, strontium chromate and a mixture of the two.  It's a stable yellow with low hiding power.

Names for Lemon yellow:

Alternative names: Steinbühl yellow, barium yellow, yellow ultramarine
Non-English names:
German French Italian
Barytgelb jaune de barium giallo limone
Origin: artificial
Chemical name:

barium chromate or strontium chromate or mixture of lead chromate + lead sulphate


Example of use by artists:

An all lemon yellow dress

P. Gauguin, Breton Woman in Prayer 1894, the Kessler Collection

Gentle expression and lemon-yellow dress for the Breton woman Gauguin painted in 1894.