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Art History

The history of painting in general

Art History
By The Catholic Encyclopedia
Comprehensive survey of Renaissance art history, biography and iconography

The Lives of the Most Eminent Painters, Sculptors and Architects (1550)
By Giorgio Vasari
The original text of the Renaissance biographies of the artists of the era

The Art History Browser: Prehistoric to Early Medieval
By Perette Elizabeth Michelli

Christus Rex Art Images
By High-resolution catholic art reproductions

By Links to high-resolution images of European paintings

National Gallery of Art
By Washington, USA
Italian painting of the 15th Century

By Carol Gerten Jackson
An enormous collection of high quality images scanned by Carol Gerten herself. Images are indexed alphabetically by artist and geographically by date.

The Web Gallery of Art
By Mark Harden
A collection of images catalogued alphabetically by artist. Excellent scans of Renaissance and Baroque.

Olga's Gallery
By Olga and Helen Mataev
Includes restorations that aren't yet well-represented on the web and images that tend to be omitted from other collections. Each image links to a brief explanatory text about the relevant myth, saint, legend, or whatever.

The Web Museum
By Nicholas Pioch
Text-based description of paintings through the history of art, but can have quite good images.

Inclusion Criteria: The website has to be predominantly about perspective, to offer a substantial contribution on the topic, and have an identifiable author (except encyclopedias).

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