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Perspective Explorations

Explorations of advanced topics in perspective geometry and photography

Artistic Multiprojection Rendering
By Maneesh Agrawala, Denis Zorin & Tamara Munzner
A technique for rendering local perspective regions within a single image

Wide Angle Perspective
By Helmut Dersch
A comparison of normal, rectilinear perspective, limited to angles much smaller than 180 degrees, panoramic perspective, which horizontally is unlimited, vertically identical to the rectilinear, and fisheye perspective which is unlimited in either direction.

Perspective Projection from Fisheye Images
By Paul Bourke
The application discussed here takes a fisheye image (not necessarily the full 180 degrees) and creates various perspective projections.

Examples of Panoramas Stitched from Fisheye Images
By Margo Orr
Example scenes stitched together from 4 fisheye images. First the DeFish program was used to convert the fisheye images into 140 perspective images, which were then stitched in QuickTime VR Authoring Studio.

Inexpensive Fisheye Photograph Technique
By Rick Oleson
The cheap 0.42x adapters can take decent photographs if you stop well down and don't put too much demand on edge sharpness.

A Virtual Tour of Marbur
By Helmut Dersch
Fully immersive panoramic images that display the old German town of Marburg with its castle, market, church and upper town.

Fisheye to Rectilinear Conversion
By Bob Atkins
One way to obtain true wideangle images with small sensor digital single-lens reflex cameras

Phenomenal Perspective
By Stephen Lehar
An independent researcher with a radical new theory of mind and brain, inspired by the observed properties of perception derived from some peculiar anomalies in phenomenal perspective.

Pictosphere Spherical Photography
By Ford Oxaal
Spherical photography explores a fantastic new world of illusionistic techniques

Six-point Spherical Perspective
By Dick Termes
In projecting the world onto the surface of a sphere viewed from the outside, Termes develops the six-point construction of spherical perspective

Inclusion Criteria: The website has to be predominantly about perspective, to offer a substantial contribution on the topic, and have an identifiable author (except encyclopedias).

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