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Perspective Geometry

Explanations of the basic geometry of perspective construction

Book: Draftsman
By Integrated Publishing, 26838 I-45 North, PMB 102, Spring,TX 77386 , USA
A comprehensive survey of perspective drawing techniques

Alberti's Perspective Construction
By Tony Phillips, Stony Brook
An analysis of Leon Battista Alberti's approach to explaining perspective construction

Art Education
By Harold Olejarz.
Offers a variety of practical approaches to perspective construction, together with links to perspective resources on the Web

Art Studio Chalkboard
By Ralph Larmann
Artist-oriented description of perspective drawing methods

3-D Drawing and Geometry
By Cathi Sanders
A descriptive approach to three-dimensional geometry

Art Tutorial: A Quick Sketch Technique
By Allan Macdonald
Perspective drawing with specific reference to cars

Perspective Drawing
By Sedo Web Hosting
A description of perspective drawing methods

2D Design Notes
By James T. Saw
Perspective principles illustrated with photographs

Axonometric Projections - a Technical Overview
By James Foley
A description of axonometric and related parallel projection techniques of perspective, with specific reference to Chinese art

A Chinese Perspective for Cyberspace?
By Jan Krikke
An analysis of the use of axonometric (parallel) perspective in Chinese painting

Lesson Plan: Perspective Drawing
By Various Authors
Materials for teaching perspective in Middle School

Hayworths' Art Page
By Mrs Hayworth
Downloadable Powerpoint animations of perspective methods

Inclusion Criteria: The website has to be predominantly about perspective, to offer a substantial contribution on the topic, and have an identifiable author (except encyclopedias).

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