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Computer Graphics Techniques

Construction of perspective scenes by computer graphical methods

Introduction to 3D Graphics
By Dana Vrajitoru
Computer graphics approach to the geometry of 3D projection

The Geometry of Perspective Drawing on the Computer
By Andrejs Treibergs
Some mathematical ideas leading to vanishing points, how to measure distance in a receding direction in a perspective drawing and why a circle in three space becomes an ellipse when drawn in perspective.

By Luís Nobre Gonçalves
The FEATPOST package is supposed to help you draw figures containing 3D dots, vectors, flat arrows, angles, parametric lines, circles, ellipses, cones, cylinders, spheres, globes, hemispheres, toruses, elliptic "prisms", polygons, polyhedra, functional and parametric surfaces, direction fields, field lines and trajectories in conservative force fields and/or schematic automobiles, among other possibilities.

Inclusion Criteria: The website has to be predominantly about perspective, to offer a substantial contribution on the topic, and have an identifiable author (except encyclopedias).

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