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History of Perspective

The history of perspective representation of space in painting
The Sources and Literature of Perspective
By Kim H. Veltman
A comprehensive survey of the history of perspective in paintings and in expository books, but unillustrated

The Psychology of Perspective in Renaissance Art
By Michael Kubovy
A fascinating analysis of the role of perspective geometry in the artistic revolution of 15th century Italy . This is a large PDF file of the book contents that takes many minutes to download to your computer, but is fully linked once received.

Brunelleschi's Peepshow & the Origins of Perspective
By Paul Calter
A pictorial summary of perspective developments in the Renaissance.

On Painting (1435)
By Leon Battista Alberti
The first textbook on painting, including the first description of perspective geometry and the central vanishing-point construction.

Seeing in Perspective
By Stephen L. Talbott.
Chapter 22 of The Future Does Not Compute: Transcending the Machines in Our Midst, relating the Renaissance history of perspective to modern computational methods of perspective transformation.

Computers and Renaissance Perspective
By Kim H. Veltman
An analysis of Renaissance methods of perspective construction

Leonardo's Perspective
By Science Learning Network
Offers an analysis of perspective through the work of Leonardo and other artists

The Art of Renaissance Science: From Human Architecture to Architectural Structure
By Joseph W. Dauben
An illustrated survey of Renaissance perspective, mathematics and astronomy

Investigations in Perspective
By Christopher W. Tyler
Studies in the history of space representation in art from the Renaissance to the 20th century

Art Power, Illusion, and the Technology of Perspective in the Renaissance
By Nina Joblon
Considers the use of perspective in architecture

What Perspective Constructions Reveals about Optical Aids
By Christopher Tyler
An evaluation of the role of optics in Renaissance art

Inclusion Criteria: The website has to be predominantly about perspective, to offer a substantial contribution on the topic, and have an identifiable author (except encyclopedias).

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