The WebExhibits online museum offers a multidisciplinary approach

to a variety of exhibit topics.

While the exhibits offer breadth and depth of knowledge to learners of all ages and in all settings, we’ve designed specific lesson plans and hands-on activities to support classroom learning.

Please follow the links below for lesson plans and tips on using WebExhibits in the classroom. As you review and utilize the exhibits, please let us know how you’re integrating WebExhibits in your curriculum and share any lessons you’ve created for your students. Email us at , and we’ll use your feedback to further develop resources for educators. Thank you!

Lesson plans

Calendars through the Ages - A do-it-yourself activity that charts the moon phases over the course of a month. Go to activity »

Causes of Color - Students from middle school to college can explore how humans perceive color and the scientific principles underlying the ways in which color is perceived. Over a dozen "DIY" activities, from making your own light bulb to creating colorful bubbles, plus two comprehensive lessons that take 1-3 weeks for middle school. Go to teacher’s guide »

Color Vision and Art - Several topics for undergraduates explore how human vision works and has influenced on Western art. This is a high-level guide, with overall ideas for tasks and discussion questions. Go to teacher’s guide »

Poetry through the Ages - A great tool for teaching poetic forms, their influences in their eras, and their relevance today. A range of lessons from middle school to college, such as writing and comparing forms. Go to teacher’s guide »