Among online museums, WebExhibits stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

Launched in 1999, WebExhibits is recognized for drawing upon multidisciplinary expertise to produce authoritative exhibits that delve into topics not fully represented on the Web. With over 8 million visitors each year, WebExhibits provides the corporate community with a unique opportunity to increase brand awareness among an educated and intellectually curious user base.


When your company becomes a WebExhibits sponsor, it enables IDEA to refine and update existing exhibits, as well as to develop new interactive online exhibits. At the same time, your organization enjoys the recognition it receives from placement of your company name and logo on an exhibit’s home page and on each page within the exhibit. In addition, your organization will be recognized as a corporate sponsor on IDEA’s web site, as well as on the “About” page of the WebExhibits site.


To maintain the independent integrity of WebExhibits and to avoid perceptions of conflict of interest, our corporate partners agree that WebExhibits is solely responsible for and maintains editorial and design control over all portions of a sponsored exhibit. Furthermore, although sponsors may publicize their support of WebExhibits with prior approval, sponsors may not state or imply WebExhibits’ endorsement of goods or services.

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WebExhibits can assist you in identifying existing or upcoming online exhibits that are aligned with your community relations and marketing goals. For more information, please contact us, and visit IDEA’s sponsorship page.