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A new way to teach.

Poetry through the Ages is a good comparative read for poets, readers of poetry, and literary history buffs. It has also been specifically designed to serve as an ideal tool for teaching poetic forms, their influences in their eras, and their relevance today – especially among students interested in adapting the forms to 21st century issues, feelings, environments, and events.

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Write new poems in existing forms. Go »
Study the history of a poetic form, from its ancestors to its present expressions. Go »
Compare two poetic forms and see which best fits a student. Go »
Write a suite of poems on the same theme, utilizing several different forms. Go »

Write and perform poems. Go »
Create a poetry community - or start a movement! Go »

Write comparative essays between forms and movements. Go »
Create your own poetry chapbook. Go »
Make a multimedia poetry exhibit. Go »

We want to hear from you!

As you peruse, evaluate, and utilize this exhibit, please let us know how you incorporated the exhibit into your curricula and lessons. Your feedback is not only valuable to us, but helps us to further develop the exhibit as an important educational tool. If you have comments or would like to share lessons you’ve created for your students from this exhibit, please email us at teaching@webexhibits.org.