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Anacreontic verse is an Ancient Greek lyrical form, consisting of 20- to 30-line poems with three to five syllables per line.

Developed by 6th century B.C. poet Anacreon, Anacreontic verse is one of many Ancient Greek forms that emerged during the height of the dramatic, musical, artistic, and poetic culture. The poems revolved around themes of love, infatuation, revelry, festivals, and observations of everyday life.

Anacreontic revelry
Anacreontic verse used themes of revelry, festivals, love, and infatuation.
Rhyme: None specific
Structure: 20 to 30 lines, three to five syllables per line
Measure/Beat: Dimeter
Common Themes: Love, infatuation, revelry, festivals (Dionysian), and observations of everyday life
Other Notes:
  • Familiar, mostly enjoyable subjects
  • Popular as spoken word entertainment
  • Short and energetic lines