Cobalt green

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Painted swatch of Cobalt green.

Brief description of Cobalt green:

It's a green cobalt-oxide-zinc-oxide, semi-transparent of limited hiding power discovered by Rinmann in 1780. Due to its permanence it can be used in all painting techniques. The poor tinting strength and high cost of cobalt green kept it in limited use. Field called it, "chemically good and artistically bad"

Names for Cobalt green:

Alternative names: Rinmans green, zinc green
Word origin: The name "Cobalt green" comes from From Middle High German kobolt = an underground goblin (cobalt was thought to be detrimental to silver ores).
Non-English names:
German French Italian
Rinmansgrün vert de cobalt verde cobalto, verde di zinco
Origin: artificial
Chemical name:



Example of use by artists: