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History of Smalt:

In Europe the use of smalt as an artist's pigment lasted between the 15th and the 18th century. Although several writers have suggested that smalt could be a European invention discovered around 1540 by Christian Schiirrer, a Bohemian glassmaker, evidence shows that cobalt was used in Egypt since the 27th century BC, and later on in Persia. Furthermore, it seems that before Schtirrer's discovery Venetian glassmakers were already familiar with the properties of cobalt, because some fifteenth-century Venetian glasses have been found coloured with cobalt. Smalt was also used in the Delft ceramic industry as the blue color in Delft tiles. 

When was Smalt used?

Discovery Used until
15th century 18th century

Use of Smalt among paintings in the SchackGallery, Munich:

Source: Kühn