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Michael Douma, Curator

In this and other WebExhibits, Michael Douma combines his passion for helping people learn with his expertise in bridging the gap between people and technology. He is the Executive Director of the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA), where he has overseen the development of a variety of information systems that use technology to facilitate and broaden the learning process.

Jennifer McLagan, Contributor

Jennifer McLagan is a food writer and food stylist, and is the author of "Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, With Recipes." We enthusiastically recommend her excellent book, and are pleased that she could share her insights and experience on pages about comparing butter with other fats, debate and controversies, and nutrition. Jennifer maintains a blog on food, life, and nothing in particular. See also her web site for info about her current and upcoming books.

Sally E. Smith, Editor

Sally Smith is the Communications Director for IDEA, which curates this exhibit. With a career arc that reflects her strong commitment to accessibility and advocacy, Sally devoted 15 years to the non-profit sector in the legislative offices of the ACLU and the LIFE Lobby, and as the executive director NAAFA. From there, she pursued her passion for writing, serving as editor-in-chief for national consumer health, advocacy, and women’s fashion magazines.