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Debates, nutrition, and fats comparison. Some sources that may interest:

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Steel Engraving of Chenango River, 1864, Beautifully detailed steel engraving of "On the Chenango River, Chenango Co, NY" The print is engraved by W. Wellstood from an original painting by D. Johnson. The following inscription is at the bottom of the print: "Engraved for the Ladies Repository from the origninal painting...". The print is an original engraving from The Ladies' Repository, edited by Rev. I.W. Wiley D.D., Volume 24, published in 1864 by Poe and Hitchcock, Carlton and Porter, and J.P. Magee.

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Chamberpot includes mark of W. A. A. & Co. was used by William Alsager Adderley Longton, Staffordshire, England after 1876 (now, Royal Doulton Tableware Ltd).

Michel Eugène Chevreul dans son laboratoire pendant le bombardement de 1870-1871 Journal des journaux. Supplément, 2e série, n° 17,  29 août 1886. Portrait: Michel-Eugène Chevreul, vers 50 ans, lithographie de Maurin, 1836, gravure de Conrad Cook.

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