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Poetry is used with advertising and mass media to quickly capture the senses and minds of consumers, who identify with the wordplay and natural rhythms of poetic expression.

Throughout the ages, poetry’s relationship with the most widespread performance or communication media of literate societies has been very strong, often completely interwoven into daily life. Thanks to the music of the 1960s and 1970s, and the later rise of punk and hip-hop, poetry’s relationship to perhaps our most extensive form of mass media – music – is as great as ever.

Rhyme: Varied
Structure: Principally single-line slogans or rhyming couplets
Measure/Beat: Varied, but primarily iambic tetrameter and trimeter (musical beats)
Common Themes: Commercial, cultural, love, human interest
Other Notes:
  • Catchy lines, phrases, or stanzas; attention-grabbers
  • Double entendre delivery (two or more possible meanings)
  • Embedded with "universal truth" that will connect with anyone