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Bellini's Feast of the Gods
Titian's Worship of Venus
Dosso's Bacchanal of Men
Scenes from the Aeneid
Titian's Bacchus and Ariadne
Titian's the Andrians
 Duke Alfonso's private gallery

WHY WAS THE Feast of the Gods altered twice? To answer this, we have to investigate Duke Alfonso's gallery. It contained the paintings listed at left, by Bellini, Dosso, and Titian. To see how the three paintings on the East wall changed, please touch the years below...

THE FIRST PAINTING in the gallery (1516) was Bellini's Feast of the Gods, his last before he died. Within a few years, the style of the landscape painted began to be "old fashioned" and the Duke had his court painter Dosso overpaint it with a more contemporary landscape (around 1520). Over the next five years, three paintings were added by Titian. When the pictures were hung in the gallery, Dosso's repaint was stylistically incongruous with Titian's paintings. Thus, Titian repainted the Feast of the Gods a second time (1529) matching it to his two paintings on either side.

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