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These pages about the Feast of the Gods, and the camerino are provided by WebExhibits as a complement to the Prado's Titian exhibition. These pages are adapted from a more comprehensive online exhibition (in English) at WebExhibits focused on the restoration of the Feast of the Gods, which includes more scientific resources and references.
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Conservation and restoration of the Feast of the Gods by David Bull, chairman of painting conservation, National Gallery of Art, Washington. These pages created by by Michael Douma and Michael Henchman. Translation to Spanish by Juan Silva.
Performed by members of the Brandeis Early Music Ensemble, directed by Sarah Mead: Lisa Bueno, Aaron Moulin, Beth Sanders, Jill Surkin, and Arielle Weiss. Recording engineer: Eric McEuen. Recorded December 12, 1998, Slosberg Recital Hall, Brandeis University, and from a live concert May 3, 1998, Slosberg Recital Hall.


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