Titanium Dioxide Whites

/ tie • tay • nee • uhm   wite /

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Brief description of Titanium Dioxide Whites:

Strongest, most brilliant white available to artists in the entire history of art. Its chemical stability is likewise outstanding.

Names for Titanium Dioxide Whites:

Pronounciation: tie • tay • nee • uhm   wite
Word origin: The name "Titanium Dioxide Whites" comes from Latin Titan = elder brother of Kronos and ancestor of the Titans, from Greek tito = day, sun.
Non-English names:
German French Italian
Titandioxid oxyde de titane bianco di titanio
Chemical name: Titanium dioxide

Source of Titanium Dioxide Whites:

Natural mineral:

anatase (left) and rutile

Minerals anatase and rutile (at Mineralogy Database)

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