About the artist

When this exhibit was produced, Laura Joy Lustig was a graduate student of Fine Arts, majoring in photography, at Brooklyn College in New York City. Her work can be best described as black and white painted abstract constructions with an architectural basis.

Laura Joy loves poetry, photography, and design. She says, "they all try for something real, something in which inhabits permanence in this lifetime where fearful but overpowering perennial desires surrounds. As the writer, Mr. William S. Burroughs said, when artists acquire preservation they fear death. For me, it is what indisputably exists now. getting to the very essence of it all, form, the time it inhabits, bottom lines, love.

Laura continues, "My aesthetic loves are three: First is my love of writing poetry, which enables me to say enormous things with little words, minimizing excess. Excavating destinations of raw bones. Second, is my beloved photography, which allows me the handle to create abstracted structures from nature or to create my own reality with hands & the lending of light. Playful constructions imply shadow but may be form... It's up to the viewer to interpret & enjoy the view while doing so. Harmony is key, in the way these structures allow the eye to naturally progress across its surface & back inside. Third, is my love of painting, which enables me to recreate time that is timeless & most desirable. Colors weave in & out of uncertain space with layer upon layer that unravels work & time."


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