Interactive Greek Gods Family Tree

Interactive Greek Gods Family Tree

Celsus Library in Ephesus

We hope you've enjoyed the Family Tree of the Greek Gods. Greek mythology and the role gods and goddesses played in the everyday lives of ancient Greeks is a topic with enormous breadth and depth. If you'd like to learn more, you may find the following sites and books helpful.

Web sites

  • Greek Mythology Link – A full encyclopedia of even the most obscure of mythological characters, including myths, maps, images, a dictionary, and detailed subject files. A full biography and the position in the Greek Mythology genealogical tree is available for each god.
  • Theoi Project – An archive of information and illustrations collected from other web sites, the Theoi Project includes an impressive collection of quotes from classical texts, as well as ancient images, maps, a Greek gods family tree, and detailed descriptions of gods and the myths in which they appear.
  • Mythography – A user-friendly starting point that contains basic information about Greek Mythology.
  • Bullfinch's Mythology – While not detailing specific gods, this online book delves into Greek gods and myths as stories about human nature.
  • Wikipedia – Written by "real people," the easily searchable and linked entries often contain information not found elsewhere.
  • Classical – Though under construction, Classical Mythology offers insight into all of the major myths in Greek Mythology.
  • Encyclopedia Mythica – Relies on original sources in a fairly consistent manner that jives with what modern scholars think are most-to-least reliable.
  • – A well-organized and user-friendly collection of gods from the Greeks' perspective.
  • – A tree and digest descriptions of the major gods in Greek Mythology.

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