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Who made this exhibit?

Taryn Biggs

Taryn Biggs, Technical Writer

With a doctorate in materials science and an industry background in science and engineering, Taryn Biggs has over 15 years of experience in materials including gold, platinum, steel, aluminium, titanium, and composite materials. Her career-long interest in teaching at all levels is evident in this exhibit, where she has explored new ways to clarify and illustrate the concepts discussed. She lives and works in Lion’s Bay, British Columbia.

Susan McPhail

Susan McPhail, Technical Writer

Sue McPhail relishes combining scientific rigor with the craft of writing. She has worked in a diverse range of fields, including research and education, and enjoys the challenge of making science accessible without oversimplifying the concepts. She lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Kurt Nassau

Kurt Nassau, author of The Physics and Chemistry of Color

Kurt Nassau, Ph.D., has published extensively on the subjects of color and gemology, and is an acknowledged expert in the fields of gem enhancement and synthetic gems. Prior to his retirement in 1989, he worked for 30 years as a research scientist at Bell Laboratories. He holds 17 patents and has authored 5 books and over 450 papers. Kurt’s work bears testimony to his zeal for education, and to his unusual depth and breadth of expertise. His research and book provide the foundation for many of the insights presented in this WebExhibit.

Hemant Patankar

Hemant Patankar, Illustrator

Hemant Patankar is the rare person who naturally marries science and art. Raised in a family whose members express their creativity in myriad ways, Hemant uses his expertise in engineering industrial electronics as a foundation for the detailed technical illustrations that grace the pages of educational publications and this WebExhibit. He lives and works in Mumbai, India.

Bridget Logan

Margaret Stenerson, Activities & Teacher’s guide

Margaret Stenerson’s passion for teaching flows through her veins, and is evident from her work on the do-it-yourself activities throughout the exhibit. Margaret draws on her years of practical experience teaching chemistry in high school and undergraduate classrooms, as well as her work in developing curriculum projects and training teachers. Margaret lives in Norton, Massachusetts, where she finds time to engage in her other pastimes: listening to musical artists like Andrea Bocelli and Barbra Streisand while knitting sweaters for her nieces and nephews.

Firman Maulana, Web Site Developer

Firman Maulana is passionate about web development, and provided the HTML/CSS implementation for the site so that visitors using a wide range of browsers can enjoy the exhibit, easily print pages, quickly zoom into images, and enjoy its multimedia elements. Firman is also an avid photographer who enjoys surrealist poetry and its ability to tap into the subconscious and portray the world more clearly. He lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Michael Douma, Curator

In this and other WebExhibits, Michael Douma combines his passion for helping people learn with his expertise in bridging the gap between people and technology. He is the Executive Director of the Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement (IDEA), where he has overseen the development of a variety of information systems that use technology to facilitate and broaden the learning process.

Sally E. Smith, Editor

Sally Smith is the Communications Director for IDEA, which curates this exhibit. With a career arc that reflects her strong commitment to accessibility and advocacy, Sally devoted 15 years to the non-profit sector in the legislative offices of the ACLU and the LIFE Lobby, and as the executive director NAAFA. From there, she pursued her passion for writing, serving as editor-in-chief for national consumer health, advocacy, and women’s fashion magazines.