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Letter from His Parents to Theo van Gogh
Zundert, 1877

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Reverend van Gogh to Theo.

7 May 1877

We are having an agreeable time with Vincent, it is very cozy. On Monday morning [14th May] he will leave us. This morning again a nice letter from Uncle Jan; very kind and friendly also from Uncle Stricker; he has found a capable teacher, so that we now start the undertaking with courage, hoping for God's blessing.

We have improved his appearance a little bit with the help of the best tailor from Breda.

It is not clear how we will manage; the teacher costs 1.50 guilders per lesson, and every day a lesson makes nine guilders per week, and lessons in other subjects will probably also be necessary. We insist that Vincent pays visits to Tersteeg, Haanebeek and Mauve. Please collaborate! We hope Mrs. Tersteeg will be all right. Vincent hopes to arrive in The Hague on Monday afternoon around six o'clock. We wish him all the best!

Mrs. van Gogh to Theo.

7 June 1877

At this time, Vincent was 24 year old
His Parents. Letter to Theo van Gogh. Written 1877 in Zundert. Translated by Robert Harrison, edited by Robert Harrison, number .

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