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Letter from Theo van Gogh to Vincent van Gogh
Auvers-sur-Oise, 5 June 1890
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"Cypresses with Two Female Figures," Vincent van Gogh

Letter T36
Paris, 5 June 1890

My dear Vincent,

I cannot tell you how happy we are because you could write us that you continue in good health, and that your stay at Auvers has had rather a good influence on your condition. Dr. Gachet came to see me yesterday, but unfortunately there were customers, which prevented me from talking with him very much, but at any rate he told me that he thought you entirely recovered, and that he did not see any reason for a return of your malady. He invited us to visit him next Sunday, when you will also be there.

We should be damned glad to do it, but it is not possible all the same for Jo to make a definite promise. On Whitsunday we went to St. Cloud, where we had that terrible cloudburst, which must have reached your part of the country too. Without actually catching cold the little one has been quite upset ever since, probably by the crowd we had to struggle though. Will you be so kind as to go to Dr. Gachet and tell him that, if the weather is fine, we shall accept his invitation with great pleasure, but that we cannot absolutely promise it, and that, if we should come, we should like to be home again in the evening. There is a train at 5:58 which we might take. In the morning we could go by the 10:25 train, which arrives at Chaponval at 11:26. The doctor told us to get off the train there, and that he wanted to come get us.

My dear fellow, I had to let this letter go for a while, and now I must finish it in a hurry. The exhibition gives me a lot of work, but also satisfaction.


Guillaumin has placed at your disposal a magnificent picture which he had at Tangui's, a Sunset. It will show to great advantage in your studio.

Gausson will make an exchange with you, anything you would like to have from him as against anything you would like to give him. I told him he must go with me someday to see you at home. Aurier will come too one of these days. He is delighted with your picture, and will come with me on a Sunday to look you up.

Now I must say goodbye. In any case I should come myself at the appointed hour. Kindest regards from Jo, and a smile from the little one.

Yours, Theo

Don't tire yourself, and take care of your health; kind regards to the doctor. Did your things arrive?

See Vincent's letter 637.

At this time, Vincent was 37 year old
Theo van Gogh. Letter to Vincent van Gogh. Written 5 June 1890 in Auvers-sur-Oise. Translated by Mrs. Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, edited by Robert Harrison, number T36.

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