van Gogh's letters - unabridged and annotated
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Letter from Van Gogh Family to Theo van Gogh
Zundert, 1874

Anna van Gogh to Theo

24th February 1874

I also got a very kind letter from Eugénie; she seems to be a natural and amiable girl. Vincent wrote that she was engaged, with a good natured youth who would know to appreciate her…We two are just [like] old people who try to know all about persons who are in love. But I am very glad for Vincent that he found such a kind family to live [with], you know yourself how agreeable it is. He seems to be always in good spirits. In the last letter he writes to me: “I fear that after all the sunshine I enjoy from there could be very soon rain - but I will only enjoy as long as possible the sunshine and have my umbrella in the neighbourhood for the rain that could come.”

15 August 1874

Reverend van Gogh to Theo

[…] They [Vincent and Anna] have moved and live no more en famille, but have rented rooms. Their address is Ivy Cottage, 395 Kennington New Road, London. At the Loyers it appeared not to be too satisfactory. I am glad; I did not trust it any too well.

[…] Yesterday afternoon there was a letter from Vincent and Anna […] Anna found a job at a school (day school) in a small but very nice village some five hours from London. Salary twelve pounds a year, so that is not much yet; […] She is free at four in the afternoon, and lives with the lady, a little, shy person, she writes. […]

[Added by Mother]

How strange it will be for them when they part company. On the 24th of August Anna must start her job; may she have the courage and strength to go on with it.

28 October 1874

Mrs.van Gogh to Theo


Theo, do not stop going to church; very often you will hear words there about the things you have been thinking about, words that you need to bear happily the difficulties you meet or to be consoled in your sorrows. There is so much in life, and you will often come back from church with satisfaction and admit that, even if you don't think it necessary, it is useful to be reminded of those things in a world that is so full of distractions and worries.

At this time, Vincent was 21 year old
Van Gogh Family. Letter to Theo van Gogh. Written 1874 in Zundert. Translated by Robert Harrison, edited by Robert Harrison, number .

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