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Letter from Reverend Salles to Theo van Gogh
Arles, 7 February 1889

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Dear Sir,

Your brother, whom we had believed more or less cured and who had taken up his usual work once more, has again lately shown signs of mental distress.

What are we to do now? After I met with the bursar, the intern and doctor Deloy, it was decided that I would write to you to get your opinion. Obviously it is necessary that your brother is put under constant supervision and also receive the special care that can only be given to him in a nursing home or by the family. He cannot remain in the hospital; he would only be cared for poorly there, although they have agreed to keep him for several days more. Tell me if you want to have him close to you or at least in a home located in the neighbourhood of the capital. In this case, the cleaning woman could get a permit for Paris (her husband being an employee at the train station) and she would gladly accompany him. In any case it is necessary to make a quick decision, and we will only act after having received your answer.

I regret, Sir, having to give you such distressing news. Be assured that I will do everything in my power to ease your brother's situation the entire time that he is locked up in the hospital. Tonight I saw that a fire was lit in his cell, for it felt very cold to me, and that someone keeps it going all night. We will see tomorrow if we can install him in a better room.

My very cordial greetings, and believe me, your devoted in Christ, Salles.

At this time, Vincent was 35 year old
Reverend Salles. Letter to Theo van Gogh. Written 7 February 1889 in Arles. Translated by Robert Harrison, edited by Robert Harrison, number to.

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