van Gogh's letters - unabridged and annotated
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Letter from Albert Aurier to his Mother
Paris, 29 November 1888

[Extract from a letter from Albert Aurier to his mother dated 29 November 1888.]

…which I'm sure you will have heard some talk about. A few days before this I went to dine with Durez, who had just returned from a mission in England with which he had been entrusted by the government. The other day I was present at the performance of Rolande at the Théâtre Libre. I suppose you have read the criticisms. The personages are very prolific with expressions like “God damn it” and “Go to hell.” But notwithstanding this it is very good.

I can't remember when I last had tea with Van Gogh, an expert who owns a marvellous collection of pictures and prints 1 - and was present at…

  1. In the summer of 1953 the “Theo van Gogh Collection” was exhibited in the Municipal Museum of The Hague and Amsterdam, and in the National Kröller-Müller Museum at Otterlo, Hoge Veluwe, Holland.

At this time, Vincent was 35 year old
Albert Aurier. Letter to his Mother. Written 29 November 1888 in Paris. Translated by Mrs. Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, edited by Robert Harrison, number htm.

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