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Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(c. 9 June 1889)
... not have the courage to begin again outside. I went once, still accompanied, to the village; the mere sight of people and things had such an effect on me that I thought I was going to faint and I felt very ill. Face to face with nature it is the feeling for work that supports me. But anyway, this is to show you that there must have been within me some too powerful emotion to upset me like that, and I have no idea what can have caused it. I get bored to death sometimes after working, and yet I have no desire to begin again. The doctor who has just called says that he is not going to Paris for several weeks, so do not expect his visit yet. I hope you will write me soon.
Lettre de Vincent van Gogh à Theo van Gogh
(20 May 1890)
... du tout songer à ce que j'ai eu. J'ai bien senti à Paris que tout le bruit de là-bas n'est pas ce qu'il me faut. Que je suis content d'avoir vu Jo et le petit et ton appartement, qui certes est mieux que l'autre. Vous souhaitant bonne chance et santé et espérant vous revoir sous bien peu, bonnes poignées de main, Vincent ...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(20 May 1890)
... at all of what went wrong with me. In Paris I felt very strongly that all the noise there was not for me. I am so glad to have seen Jo and the little one and your apartment, which is certainly better than the other one. Wishing you good luck and health and hoping to see you again soon, good handshakes, Vincent ...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Wilhelmina van Gogh
(c. 4 June 1890)
... going as well as possible for the moment. And as for myself, at the moment I am still afraid of the noise and the bustle of Paris, and I immediately went off into the country - to an old village. Here there are mossy thatched roofs which are superb, and which I am certainly going to do something with. Moreover, I think that the doctor I am recommended to will just leave me to my own devices, as if there were nothing wrong with me. During the final days at St. Rémy I still worked in a frenzy, great bouquets of flowers, violet irises , big bouquets of roses , landscapes. It was funny to see all my canvases again from when I started, those which I left there. But I should very much have liked you to see the olive orchards that I have brought back with me now, with their skies of yellow, pink and blue, different enough. I think that these are canvases that have never been painted in quite this manner up until now. Up to the present the others...
Lettre de Vincent van Gogh à Paul Gauguin
(c. 17 June 1890)
... j'ai pensé à vous tous les jours. Je ne suis resté à Paris que trois jours et le bruit, etc., Parisien me faisant une bien mauvaise impression, j'ai jugé prudent pour ma tête de ficher le camp pour la campagne, sans cela j'aurais bien vite couru chez vous. Et cela me fait énormément plaisir que vous dites que le portrait d'Arlésienne , fondé rigoureusement sur votre dessin, vous a plu. J'ai cherché à être fidèle à votre dessin respectueusement et pourtant prenant la liberté d'interpréter par le moyen d'une couleur dans le caractère sobre et le style du dessin en question. C'est une synthèse d'Arlésienne si vous voulez; comme les synthèses d'Arlésiennes sont rares, prenez cela comme oeuvre de vous et de moi, comme résumé de nos mois de travail ensemble. Pour le faire j'ai payé moi pour ma part encore d'un mois de maladie, mais aussi je sais que c'est...

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