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Article by Benno J. Stokvis
... he was highly respected by the farmers. When he set off for work, he generally wore a sort of raincoat and a sou'wester. In general his attire was rough [“raw”]. Every day he might be seen walking with a small campstool under one arm and a square ...
Newspaper article by D. Gestel
(10 October 1930)
... the Roman Catholic Church at Nuenen…There he was standing before us, that short, square-built little man, called by the rustics “het schildermenneke,” “the little painter fellow.” His sunburned, weather-beaten face was framed...
Exerpt from La vie tragique de Vincent van Gogh
... remember well his arrival at Pâturages; he was a blond young man of medium stature and with a pleasant face; he was well dressed, had excellent manners, and showed in his personal appearance all the characteristics of Dutch cleanliness. ...
Article by Dr. M. E. Tralbaut
... of November 13, 1927, Tralbaut, p. 140): And there Van Gogh appeared on the scene - the Van Gogh, who was the spitting image of the portrait the Englishman Levens made of him, and which was reproduced in the first number of The Present and Presently....
Article by V. W. van Gogh
... along on walks, and talked a lot with him. He wore blue linen trousers and a smock, and had a little red chin-tuft; he was “an ugly creature.” Vincent had painted his father weaving in the little house where Dekkers was living now;...
Memoir by Adeline Ravoux
... Vincent walked bent, holding his stomach, again exaggerating his habit of holding one shoulder higher than the other. Mother asked him: “M. Vincent, we were anxious, we are happy to see you to return; have you had a problem?” He...
Letter from Vincent Willem van Gogh
... suit” with a cap to match. He used to talk incessantly while working. Dr. Furnée also visited Vincent's studio; it was very disorderly and untidy. ...

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