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Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(26 July 1882)
... How he painted those Halles! My health is pretty good, but I still feel the effect of my illness and will continue to for a pretty long time. Sien and the baby are well and are getting stronger, and I love them both. Someday I must do the cradle in watercolour (when it is rainy and I cannot work outside). But for the rest I want to show you landscape watercolours when you come. I hope to do figure watercolours this winter after I have been here a year. First I shall have to draw more from the nude, and more in black and white too, I think. We shall talk all that over, and I am sure that your visit will contribute much toward keeping things in order and making the work go smoothly. Adieu, with a handshake, Yours sincerely, Vincent By going quietly on with my work I have every hope of eventually getting an entirely new circle of acquaintances to compensate for the loss of the sympathy of Mauve, Tersteeg and others; but I will make no step toward it,...

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