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Letter from Theo van Gogh to Vincent van Gogh
(23 October 1888)
... 23 October 1888 My dear Vincent, It is very distressing to me to learn that you are not feeling well. 1 It is to be supposed that you have worked too hard, and consequently have forgotten to take proper care of your body. I am glad that your letter arrived today, for within a very short time I should have gone off to Brussels, in which case you would have had to wait at least two more days. What a financier you are! What causes me so much grief is that, notwithstanding all that, you are always so miserably hard up, because you cannot refrain from doing all kinds of things for others. I should greatly like to see you more egotistic, at least until your budget balances better.
Letter from Theo van Gogh to Vincent van Gogh
(27 October 1888)
... obstacle which prevented him from coming. Now I see from your letter that you are unwell, and that you are worrying a good deal. I want to tell you something once and for all. I look upon it all as though the question of money and the sale of pictures and the whole financial side did not exist, or rather existed as a disease. As it is certain that money question will not disappear before a formidable revolution or probably a series of revolutions has come about, it is necessary to treat it like smallpox if one has caught it. That is to say, take the required precautions against accidents which may result, but don't bother your head about it. You have been thinking about it far too much lately, and although there may be no symptoms of an accident, you are suffering under it. By accidents I mean misery, and in order to avoid arriving at this pass, it is necessary to take things easy, and not to commit excesses, and to try to escape the other diseases as much as possible. You ...

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