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Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Mr. and Mrs. Ginoux
(c. 12 June 1890)
... at my pictures. And this is not the end. Besides, it is a certain fact that I have done better work than before since I stopped drinking, and that is so much gained. But still I often think of you all, one cannot do what one wants in life. The more you feel attached to a spot, the more ruthlessly you are compelled to leave it, but the memories remain, and one remembers - as in a looking glass, darkly - one's absent friends. Here is the address: Vincent van Gogh, chez Ravoux, Place de la Mairie, Auvers-sur-Oise, (Seine-et-Oise) Petite vitesse In this way there can be no mistakes. And I thank you in advance for your trouble, and mind that Ginoux hires a man to do the packing, and does not exert himself; I shall repay your expenses. Wishing you good health and complete recovery, Cordially yours, Vincent van Gogh ...
Newspaper article by Anton Kerssemakers
(14 April 1912)
... and he calmly went on eating. On the other hand he liked to have some brandy in his flask on his rambles, and he would not have liked to do without it; but as far as I know this was the only luxury he permitted himself. His studio too - he had rented a couple of rooms in the sexton's house - had quite a Bohemian look. One was amazed at the way all the available hanging or standing room was filled with paintings, drawings in watercolour and in crayon, heads of men and women whose clownish turned-up noses, protruding cheekbones and large ears were strongly accentuated, the rough paws calloused and furrowed, weavers and weaving looms, women spooling yarn, potato planters, women weeding, innumerable still lifes, certainly as many as ten studies in oils of the little old chapel at Nuenen that I mentioned, which he was so enthusiastic about that he had painted it in all seasons and in all weathers. (Later this little chapel was pulled down by the Nuenen vandals,...

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