van Gogh's letters - unabridged and annotated
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Article by Dr. M. B. Medes da Costa
(December 2 1910)
... Vincent ought to have another try. But before long the trouble would start afresh, and then he would come to me in the morning with an announcement I knew so well, “Mendes, last night I used the cudgel again,” or, “Mendes, last night...
Newspaper article
(April 12 1922)
... really don't care, sir.” Also, in those days he was always searching for some outward means of self-denial and self-chastisement. He never sat down at a table, but kept his copybook on his knees. ”Van Gogh, do sit down at the table when you...
Exerpt from La vie tragique de Vincent van Gogh
... and lived like working people. But our evangelist very soon showed toward his lodgings the peculiar feelings which dominated him: he considered the accommodation far too luxurious; it shocked his Christian humility, he could not bear being lodged comfortably,...

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