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Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(25 September 1875)
... etc. I wish you would do the same. How I am longing for Christmas, but let us have patience, it will come soon enough. Courage, lad; my compliments to all the friends, and believe me, Your loving brother, Vincent As soon as possible I will send the money for the frames. When I write to Mr. Tersteeg, I will tell him that for the moment I am rather short of cash; I asked our cashier to hold back every month a part of my salary as I shall want a lot of money around Christmas for my journey, etc., however I hope to send it before long. ...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to His Parents
(14-17 April 1876)
... but sheds a golden light over the fields. These first hours after our parting - which you are spending in church, and I at the station and on the train - how we are longing for each other and how we think of the others, of Theo and Anna and the other little sisters and the brother. Just now we passed Zevenbergen; I thought of the day you took me there, 1 and I stood on the steps at Mr. Provily's, looking after your carriage on the wet road; and then of that evening when my father came to visit me for the first time. And of that first homecoming at Christmas! Saturday and Sunday. On the steamer I thought often of Anna - everything reminded me of our journey together. The weather was clear, and the river was especially beautiful, and also the view, seen from the sea, of the dunes, dazzling white in the sun. The last I saw of Holland was a little grey church spire. I stayed on deck until sunset, but then it became too cold and rough. At dawn the...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(21 April 1876)
... even went to the station. Yet I did not go. Later on I hope to see everything and everybody there with a calmer eye. I shall never forget leaving those at home on Good Friday. In the morning we went to church at the Hoeve 1 and received communion; Father's text was, “Arise, let us go hence.” And in the afternoon we did arise, and from the carriage window I saw Father and our little brother standing on the road, looking after the train. And Sunday afternoon I was at the church in Ramsgate, and there I was struck by the words on the wall which you will find in Anna's letter (which I enclose). Compliments to Roos and to everybody who may ask after me. A firm handshake from Your loving brother, Vincent 1. A little village in the neighbourhood of Etten. [ Enclosed with the letter was a sketch of the view from the school window. ] ...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(28 April 1876)
... of the house. Give him my best regards. I wish I could walk once more with you through my woods, to Scheveningen. Have a pleasant day today and give my love to all who may ask about me and believe me, Your loving brother, Vincent Once more my best wishes, lad, I hope you will begin a happy and prosperous year. These are important years that we are living through now and much depends on them. May everything come out all right. A hearty handshake. À Dieu. ...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(6-8 May 1876)
... it at The Hague and Scheveningen. Do you go to see Uncle Cor now and then? Sometimes I have such a longing to see him, I wrote to him yesterday. Tell Mr. Tersteeg something about the school here. Honestly, I have had some happy hours here, yet I don't have plain and complete confidence in this happiness, in this peace. The one may be the result of the other. Man rarely declares that he is satisfied; as soon as he finds that that it goes too well, the sooner he thinks that it will not go well enough. But this is in parenthesis; we must not talk about it, but continue quietly on our way. Spend a pleasant Sunday morning. Give my love to all the Roos family, also to Mr. and Mrs. Tersteeg and Betsy and a firm handshake from Your loving brother, Vincent ...

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