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Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(January 1873)
... from whom you can learn a great deal. What happy days we spent together at Christmas! I think of them so often. You will also remember them a long time, as they were the last days you spent at home. Don't forget to tell me what pictures you see and which you like best. I am very busy just now at the beginning of the year. My New Year began well; they have granted me an increase of ten guilders (I therefore earn fifty guilders per month), and they have given me a bonus of fifty guilders as a present. Isn't that splendid? I hope to be able to shift for myself now. I am very happy that you work in the same firm. It is such a splendid house; the more one works there, the more ambition it gives you. The beginning is perhaps more difficult than anything else, but keep heart, it will turn out all right. Will you ask Schmidt what the price of the Album Corot, lithographs by Émile Vernier is? Somebody asked for it at the store, and I know they have it...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(20 July 1873)
... fresh - I was really very lucky to find it. Still, I often think with regret of the delightful Sundays at Scheveningen and other things, but what's the use of worrying? Thanks for what you wrote me about pictures. If you happen to see anything by Lagye, De Braekeleer, Wauters, Maris, Tissot, George Saal, Jundt, Zeim, or Mauve, you must not forget to tell me; those are the painters I am very fond of, and whose work you will probably see something of. Enclosed is a copy of the poem about the painter who “entered `The Swan,' the inn where he was lodging,” which I am sure you remember. It is typical Brabant, and I am fond of it. L. copied it for me the last evening I was home 1 . How I should like to have you here.
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(19 November 1873)
... which differs so much from ours. You must have had pleasant days at home; how I should like to see them all again. Give my compliments to everybody who inquires after me, especially at Tersteeg's, Haanebeek, Auntie Fie, Stockum and Roos; and tell Betsy Tersteeg something about me when you see her. And now, boy, good luck to you, write to me soon. Vincent Do you have my room at Roos's or the one you slept in last summer? ...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(30 April 1874)
... gardens; the chestnut trees are splendid. He that sincerely loves nature, finds pleasure everywhere. Nevertheless I miss Holland, especially Helvoirt. I am very busy gardening now, I have sown scented peas, poppies and daisies; I have nothing more to do than to wait to see what they will give. I have to tell that I am happy every morning to have to walk the distance between my accommodation and the shop and, in the evening, that between the shop and my accommodation, it is a good three-quarters of an hour walk each time. It is a fine thing that business finishes so early; the office closes at six o'clock, and yet there is no less work done. My compliments to all the friends, especially to Tersteeg, Haanebeek and Carbentus, also to everyone at Uncle Pompe's because they are going to Kampen, and to Mr. Bakhuyzen. Best wishes. Vincent The apple trees have blossomed beautifully; I think everything is earlier here than in Holland. As soon as I know anything...
Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(16 June 1874)
... 25, or Saturday, June 27, if nothing interferes. I am longing so much for everybody and for Holland. I am also anxious to have a good talk with you about art; think it over and perhaps you will have some questions to put to me. We have many beautiful things here, including a fine picture by Jacquet and a beautiful Boldini. There are beautiful things in the Royal Academy this year. Tissot has three pictures there. Lately I took up drawing again, but it did not amount to much. I was glad to see from your letter that you often visit the Haanebeeks. À Dieu, we shall meet soon. My compliments to all the friends. Ever your brother, Vincent I am glad you like César de Cock so much; he is one of the few painters who understands our dear Brabant intimately. I do not know if I told you that I met him in Paris last year. ...

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