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Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh
(28 October 1888)
... no fear for me, nor for yourself either. Indeed, I was horribly worried about you, for if Gauguin had not come to the same conclusion about it, I should have caused you pretty heavy expenses for nothing. But Gauguin is astonishing as a man, he does not let himself get out of hand, and he will wait here very quietly, working hard, for the right moment to take a great step forward. He needs rest as much as I do. With the money he has just earned, he certainly could have treated himself to a rest cure in Brittany just as well, but as things are now, he is sure of being able to wait without getting fatally into debt once more. Together we shall not spend more than 250 fr. a month. And we shall spend much less on paint, since we are going to make it ourselves. So on your part, don't be uneasy about us, and have a breathing spell too, you need it badly. On my part I just want to tell you that I ask only to go on at an average rate of 150 a month (and the same...

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