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Media coverage before the December 2001 conference:

For Lawrence Weschler's original Jan. 2000 New Yorker piece on Hockney's "evolving theory", click here.

For Weschler's follow-up piece on more recent developments in Hockney and Falco's collaboration, see

Media coverage after the December 2001 conference:

"Smackdown!" - Artkrush's coverage of the conference, December 3 2001

USA Today - "'Secret Knowledge' hits art world's optic nerve" - December 6th 2001 [Books], by Tara McKelvey

New York Times - "The Truth Is Out: How Realists Could Be So Realistic" - Novemebr 25th 2001, by Richard Woodward

New York Times - "Paintings Too Perfect? The Great Optics Debate" - December 4th 2001, by Sarah Boxer

LA Times - "There's Nothing Wrong With Artists Using Tricks of the Trade" - December 11th, 2001 [style], by Christopher Knight

LA Times - "Artistic Fact or Optical Delusion? Culture: David Hockney claims many famous paintings were traced using camera-like devices" - December 3rd, 2001, by Paul Lieberman

LA Times - "Cover Review; Did the Old Masters Cheat?; SECRET KNOWLEDGE Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters, By David Hockney" - December 9, 2001 [Review of Books], by Frederic Raphael

The New York Review of Books - "Through a Glass, Darkly" - February 28, 2002, By Ingrid D. Rowland

The Washington Post - "SECRET KNOWLEDGE Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters" By David Hockney - Febuary 3, 2002 [Art], by Blake Gopnik

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